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What are the three types of automation?

Automation can be classified into three major types. These are:


Fixed Automation

In this type of automation, the process or assembly procedure is automated by hard wiring the instructions and sequence of events into the machinery you are using.


Programmable Automation

In this type of automation, the hardware used for the process is fixed but you can have a certain level of flexibility in the environment by tweaking the software. The system can be configured for a number of products and applications.


Flexible automation

Flexible automation is the one in which both the software as well as the operating software can be configured according to the product being made It gives the facility a total control over the processes and can handle a number of different products.


What is automation and its types?

Automation is the process of using machines to do the work that was once done by humans. Automation is everywhere from offices and online stores to factories and production facilities of all sizes. There are three types of automation

  • Fixed Automation
  • Programmable Automation
  • Flexible Automation

What is the best definition of automation?