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How to grow Linked In ads to grow your business

LinkedIn is a social media platform that is used by 575 million people. It is a good place to advertise if your business is of the type that relates to LinkedIn. In order to create a LinkedIn ad, here’s the process as described by LinkedIn on their website

  • Choose if you want to post the ad by yourself or you want it to be managed by a professional ads manager
  • Start the process of posting your first ad using the ad manager
  • Choose the format of ads you want to use for your campaign
  • Create the ads in the form you want them to appear to your audience
  • Select the optimum target audience for the ad you are posting
  • Choose how much do you want to spend on the ad
  • Run analytics and see a prediction of the ad’s performance
  • Redo the ad if target performance is not achieved in the simulation

How much does it cost to advertise on LinkedIn?

The cost of running ads on LinkedIn is composed of the price LinkedIn charges to display ads on their platform and the fee charged by your LinkedIn ad manager. Generally, a professional LinkedIn ads manager will cost you near $250 a month. The money you need to pay LinkedIn for your ad is in addition to it.

Is advertising on LinkedIn worth it?

Yes it can be worth the time and money you put in it if you have done all the steps needed to post an ad the right way. It is not recommended to undertake an ad posting project or campaign on your own. There are people out there running internet marketing companies with years of experience of running successful and efficient ad campaigns. Hire a professional and it will be worth it.

Can you do paid ads on LinkedIn?

Yes, you can totally run paid ads on LinkedIn. Ad costs on LinkedIn depend on your targets, the target audience you set, the volume you want for your ad and the duration for which you need to run the ad. Generally, it is easier to hire a professional adwords manager to run your ads on LinkedIn in the optimum way.

What are the different types of LinkedIn ads?

As LinkedIn is a social media platform unlike any other on the internet, the types of ads that can be posted on LinkedIn are also unique. You can choose from one of the following categories for your LinkedIn ads.

  • Ads displayed as LinkedIn sponsored content
  • LinkedIn text ads
  • InMail, email advertising from LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn programmatic display ads
  • LinkedIn dynamic ads