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Why should I advertise on Facebook?

Well, first of all, currently there are 2.2 billion people active Facebook users out there, that means every 2 in 7 people living on the earth uses this social media platform. That is a hefty lot of audience and not displaying ads to them is basically a bad idea. Facebook is a platform where people spend a sizeable time daily and interact it with in a number of ways so this is the right place to advertise yourself because, chances are, your opponents might already be using it.

Can you advertise on Facebook for free?

Part yes part no. Consider this scenario, you know someone who runs a Facebook page with millions of followers and you ask them to advertise your website, product or service on their page that might be free for you. Otherwise, on Facebook, the ads are always paid and you can choose from a range of banner style, video, ad within a video, and other interactive ad forms to display your message.

How much should I pay for an agency to manage my ads?

Now that is not a clear question. The cost of ad management depends on the volume of ads, type of ads, the duration of your campaign and the targets you set for your ads to achieve. After that, the money you pay to an ad management company is partially their fee and partially the amount spent on your ads. Normally, an ad management company can charge you $250 to $400 a month for their services alone plus the money you pay for actually displaying the ad.


Keys to a successful facebook ad 

Not all the ads are same so we cannot proclaim a single format to be the best ad format for Facebook. The general guidelines for Facebook ads are the following

  • Like any other ads campaign, set a goal that you want to attain by running Facebook ads
  • Research the audience to determine the portion you want to target based on age, gender, location and a number of other factors including even the interests of people
  • Use attractive photos, words or video for the ad
  • Design the ad to convey exactly the message you want, nothing more or less
  • Avoid catchphrases and click baits. Don’t look like an ad
  • Use A/B split testing to evaluate the projected results of your ads