Call tracking is the process of determining how was a caller’s experience with your business and gives you a detailed background of the caller or the prospect you are calling. Call tracking is used by sales and marketing teams to improve the results of advertisement campaigns and it also helps in making future ads strategy.

How do you use call tracking?

Call tracking is used to gain in-depth knowledge about the people who call your business or who have been called by your marketing/sales team. Call tracking is something more than a mere caller ID. You can use it to improve your marketing and sales strategy.

How can I track a phone call conversion?

A phone call conversion is considered complete if you get a person calling you on the numbers displayed on your ads, the number on your website, or that on your mobile app, complete a minimum length of conversation on a call. You can track the clicks made on your website, app or ads and relate that to the calls made at the same time but you cannot track calls specifically.

How do I track Google ad calls?

To track Google Ads calls, sign into your Google Ads account and navigate to tools in the top right corner and then select conversions under the measurements tab. Click the plus (+) button and go to phone calls. You can then assign the lowest time limit and have the calls with that time limit or more counted for you by Google Ads. A window will appear, create the conversion criterion in it.

How do I set up Google call tracking?

After you have created a conversion criterion, you need to add two pieces of code to your website. It includes the global site tag and a phone snippet. Once you have set up all these, you can track the calls made to you from Google Ads.