Conversion is the process of changing a visitor of your website to a customer, client, buyer or make them do what you want them to do on your website. For example, if you are showing an ad for your products and the ads channelize 10,000 people a day to your website, the people actually buying your product will be considered converted.


What is a good website conversion rate?

There is no hard and fast rule for an absolute conversion rate. It varies from industry to industry and field to field and you cannot assign a singular value to it. There are online bench marking tools that you can use to see if your website’s conversion rate is above or below that of your industry’s average. As a general estimate, the average conversion rate regardless of the industry is 2.35% and the top 25% of the websites have an average of 5.31% conversion rate. If you really want to aim high, the top 10% of the websites have an 11.45% conversion rate.


How do I get conversions on my website?

No one answer can fit all sorts of websites when it comes to increasing conversion rate. The general things that apply to all sorts of websites are the following two.


  1. Improve your landing page

The design of your landing page is important to convert the visitors. If the page takes too long to load, people will not convert. If you have not designed the page to efficiently convert the prospects you won’t get the results.


  1. Revise your offer

If you have a superb landing page and a lot of traffic and yet little conversions, you need to improve what you are offering as it clearly indicates that the offer is not attractive enough for your visitors.


How do you calculate a conversion rate?

Conversion rate is the ratio of the people who ‘convert’ on your website to the total people visiting your website in a given duration of time. You can calculate the conversion rate for your website by dividing the total number of people who completed a goal on your site (made a purchase or signed up or nay other goals you might have set) by the total number of visitors you got on your website.


Why your website is not converting into sales

If you are not getting the expected rate of conversion on your website, that can be because of a lot of reasons. These reasons differ across niches but mainly the lack of conversions is caused by poor site design or unattractive offers. If you want to increase conversions, focus on the goals and not the design of the landing page and revise what you are offering and what you are charging for that.