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What is Google Adwords management?

Advertising over the internet is a complicated process. If a website owner decides to undertake the adwords management operations of their website, it can have two outcomes. They could succeed but take a lot of time; they could fail and waste a lot of money. Generally, managing the adwords campaign yourself you cannot get the best results possible.

Adwords management is a service that eliminates the risk in your adwords management process. An internet marketing company like ours can help you run your adwords management campaign smoothly at an efficient cost to benefit ratio.

What does Googleadwords management cost?

Every Google adwords project is totally different and unique. The nature, difficulty and approximated time to do it vary from case to case. The cost you, as a website owner, incur for adwords management for your website will depend on the type of your website and the amount of work required.


Usually, an average Google adwords project can cost you something in between $250 to $550 a month. Part of this cost goes to the paid Google adds run for your website and the remaining is the fee charged by the adwords management agency.

What is Ad rank?

Ad rank is the position assigned to a pay-per-click ad with respect to the search engine result page on which it is being displayed. The position of the ad is calculated by taking into account the keywords of the ad and the keywords in the search quarry. The both keywords are passed through an algorithm that creates the most efficient ad ranks for the ads.

Tips to run a successful Adword campaign:

It must be made clear that running adwords campaign by your own is not a good idea and you have a risk of wasting highly valuable time or money. However, if you still insist to carry on your adwords campaign in-house, here are some points that might be helpful for you:

  • Understand what the ads are meant for
  • Have a deep study of the portion of users you intend to attract
  • Chalk out optimum performance based targets and try to get them
  • Create a relevant landing page on your website modified for the traffic coming from the ad
  • Make more than one type of ads
  • Keep a close on eye on the ROI of the campaign you are running

How to manage multiple Google ad accounts?

If you want to control two or more Googleadwords accounts for the same campaign, you can manage the both accounts from one station by making a Google Adwords manager account. Once you start managing an account, your name will show up on the ads of the managed account. Generally, website owners don’t get the optimum benefit from the adwords campaign that they run themselves. The better and efficient approach is by hiring an internet marketing company to manage the campaigns.

Google Analytics Service

Google Analytics service is one of the many services provided under the google marketing platform. This service lets you keep a close eye on the traffic on your website. If you have a mobile app for your website, Google Analytics can also be used to track the traffic coming from the app as well.